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   Creating Purpose And Meaning In Your Life Through A Life Mission Statement [12/05/16 08:24AM]   
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Do you feel that your life is directionless, without purpose and Error Code 600 meaning?

Do you wish you were doing something that brought you satisfaction and gives you a reason for being alive?

If you do, perhaps crafting your personal mission statement for life might just be what the doctor ordered.

One of the greatest fears that people have is living a meaningless life.

In the society we live in today, it's easy to get lost in the masses, becoming just one of the other faces in the crowd. Many people get caught up with the day to day "things to do" of eking out a living, working Seeking Help From A Child Custody Lawyer In Nj Is A Wise Investment for their next promotion, saving enough money to buy a house, take the family out for a vacation, or any one of thse things. And before Exception_in_page_error (0xc0000006) you know it, 20 or 30 years have gone by and you're suddenly 65!

You look back on your life, and wonder where has time gone? What has happened to all the dreams, hopes and big goals you had when you graduated?

It doesn't really matter what you've done in the past. The past is the past, and it will remain the past.

The only thing that all of us can do is to start living life in this very moment, making each day we live an effective, fruitful and purposeful one. And that starts by having a direction and purpose for your life.

What is a Life Mission Should I Left Click Of Computer Statement?

A Life Mission Statement is a written down statement of purpose. It is a statement for your "Being" on this planet we call earth. It's what you have decided to do with your life that creates value and meaning for you.

It will be something that guides your daily actions, your decisions and your direction in life. With your personal mission statement, you will cut through the irrelevant "fats" of life that are slowing you down and clogging your life arteries. Your personal Mission Statement will help you focus your energy like a laser beam and accelerate your progress in Free Checkbook Software life.

Having a Life Mission Statement can be frightening, and yet extremely exciting. Your Life Mission Statement becomes what your life is about, your purpose and intent for your existence.

It's scary, yes, because with a Life Mission Statement, you are required to make decisions about what you're going to accept in your life. That means cutting off the irrelevant and taking on new things that are relevant in accomplishing your Life Mission.

It means moving out of your comfort zone.

Benefits of having a Life Mission Statement

There are many benefits in having a Life Mission Statement, of which the following are a few:

1. It creates a focus for your Time, Energy and Money

We have only so much Time, Energy and Money at one given moment. Without focus, our resouces of time, energy and money become diffused and ineffective. Without focus, You become ineffective, unable to build or create anything of appreciable value.

Work gets done halfway when Gamblers and Non-gamblers Must Have Las Vegas Casino Coupons other tasks come maytweltveblog along to distract you. Taking on multiple tasks and roles causes you to create low quality work because you're rushed for time. Your money is spent aimlessly, chasing one thing after another with no discernable focus or result.

With a personal mission statement, you have to focus and make better use of your time, energy and money.

2. It defines a direction for your life, moving you in a definite, consistent direction over a period of time.

We are moving all the time. It's just that the majority of people are moving aimlessly, or walking in circles and finding themselves right where they began. With a personal mission statement, you have a consistent direction in life. You'll start walking in a straight line, out of the circle that you might have been Planning On Downgrading To Xp walking in your life so far.

Without stating the obvious, moving in a straight line will eventually bring Dating Filipina Women For Marriage: Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know in Advance you to someplace new in your life.

3. With a Life Mission Statement, decision making is simplified

You and I are bombarded by situations that require us to make decisions. Everybody wants something from you, be it your time, your energy, talent or money. With a Life Mission Statement, you have a basis on which you can make your decision. Anything that fits with your life mission statement, you give your time and attention. Anything that takes you away from your life mission, you either drop it or file it away for future consideration.

Decision making becomes simpler and easier for you when you have a life mission statement.

4. It creates Energy

When you have a mission statement that you resonate with, it gives you the energy and motivation to get out of bed every day. There is something to look forward to, and there is a reason for your existence. You are no longer an aimless blob of unfulfilled potential wandering the streets and byways of the world. You have somewhere to go, your life has meaning, and you are more valuable because only YOU can fulfill your life's mission.

5. It creates Authenticity, Originality, Identity

A life mission statement spells out who you are. It tells others who you have chosen to be in life. It makes you unique, and creates a personal identity for you. If you have noticed, all the successful, well known people in the world are unique. They are original. There is no one else like them, who thinks like them, who talks like them, who has personally done exactly the same things they have done. With a mission statement, you can stand out from The Development of Log Cabins the crowd and make a unique contribution.

A mission statement can and is one of the most important positioning tools New Leader: Figuring Out What Do Do that a company or individual can have. If successful companies use it, so can you. A properly crafted mission statement positions you as a unique individual who has something valuable to contribute to the world.


If you want more out of life, perhaps having a personal mission statement can help in turning your life around. Your personal life mission statement will:

1. Create a focus for your Time, Energy and Money

2. Define a definite, consistent direction for your life

3. Simplify your decision making process

4. Create Life Energy

5. Create an Authentic, Original Identity that is uniquely you

By having a personal mission statement for your life, you might be surprised at what you can truly accomplish over a period of time. And you might be surprised at what your life can become.

Darbright manages a blog site dedicated to personal development for creating a complete and abundant life. Visit his site at for other articles on personal development.




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